Positive findings in a case of dacryocystitis?

  • complaints of watering from the eye (left/right)
  • h/o discharge now and then
  • on examination anterior segment is normal
  • regurgitation test positive

How will you conform your diagnosis?

  • by syringing

How will you do syringing?

  • put 4% xylocaine drops in eye and wait for few seconds
  • dilate punctum with punctum dilator
  • take a lacrimal syrngine with saline mounted with lacrimal canula
  • insert the lacrimal canula into punctum push the saline from the syrngine
  • inference: if saline comes into nose and throat there is no block
  • if regurgitates from the same punctum: same canaliculi is blocked
  • if regurgitates from the opposite punctum: either common canaliculi or nasolacrimal duct is blocked

how will you differentiate common canaliculi and naso lacrimal duct block?

  • by dacryocystography